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Wanderlusting since infancy.

Immune to Homesickness. An intrepid soul. Waiting on the next destination.


Reviews. Recipes. Restaurants.

Always hungry. Food is life and its delicious pursuit is what I continuously crave.



Life as I live it.

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Our (short but sweet) Pregnancy Journey

A Positive Test

One test to start it all. The start of an exhausting week.

What do you mean 22 weeks?

How could 6 months already be over?!

A Healthy Baby

Good news plus gender reveal!

The Signs I Ingored

Even with all the clues lined up, I was blind to it all.

Gender Reveal!

Boy or girl?! Click to find out our reveal story

Baby Announcement to Families

Congrats on your promotion?! How we revealed our big news to our families!

Want more Mom Life/Pregnancy Posts?

Plenty of additional details, including our general announcement, maternity shoot photo and baby shower details!