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In Sanskrit meaning mother
In Slavic languages meaning spring.
In Turkish meaning strong, spring
In Hebrew meaning he enlightens, he shines

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My Story

I'm a super private person. I've been struggling to share my stories for almost 10 years. To blog or not to blog; that has always been my dilemma. My online presence has existed since the early 2000s. My blog efforts circa 2009. This is probably attempt #8.

This is my diary.

It won't be chronological.
It won't be written in time.
If something ends up here, it was a long labour of love to get it in front of your eyes.

I'm impressed you found this.

Inaya Putri-27


I go to places like this.

Inaya Putri-20


I eat foods like this.

2017-07-Travel-Tobermory (jpg)-27


I try to take photos like this.

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