Baby Announcement to all

My family had asked that we wait until Easter to announce to everyone so that the news of the baby would be met with a joyous occasion (as opposed to during Lent). Prior to this social media announcement, we had only told friends we were able to see in person and our immediate families and I'm grateful that they respected our wishes to keep it a secret for the time being.

By the time Easter came, I still didn't have any pictures taken and with the rainy weather, it kept getting pushed off. Finally there was a lucky break in the weather and we went downstairs in our condo to take some photos ourselves using our camera/tripod with the help of inspiration photos to guide us. We wanted to theme it with the fact that it was springtime and new beginnings and shared our two big pieces of news.

I had been nervous about sharing with everyone. David knows that I agonized about how to announce it, how to explain the surprise life events and any judgements/concerns that might come with it. But when the time came, we were overwhelmed by the response from everyone's love  from around the world and felt very loved and supported. It was heartwarming to hear small messages or get acknowledgements from so many people I've known at different stages in my life. Felt really cool that people from all the way in elementary school to different workplaces sent well wishes. It was so appreciated!

Shared originally through Instagram/Facebook:

"Spring is in the air and we have (plenty) of good news to share!

Spring marks a time for new beginnings, new life and a showering of blessings. On a sunny April day, David proposed and I, of course, said yes! It couldn't have been more perfect and we're so happy to be preparing for the next steps in our relationship.

But....we won't be doing it alone! We've also been blessed with a surprise pregnancy. Come July 2019, our family will grow by one heart and two feet. Our miracle baby girl will be added to our family and we cannot wait for her to arrive.

We appreciate the love and support from our family and friends so far and are overjoyed to be reaching these milestone moments in our lives.


Le printemps est dans l'air et nous avons (beaucoup) de bonnes nouvelles à partager!

Le printemps marque une période pour de nouveaux commencements, une nouvelle vie et une pluie de bénédictions. Par une journée ensoleillée d’avril, David a proposé et j’ai bien sûr dit oui! Cela n'aurait pas pu être plus parfait et nous sommes très heureux de nous préparer aux prochaines étapes de notre relation.

Mais .... nous ne le ferons pas seul! Nous avons également été bénis avec une grossesse surprise. En juillet 2019, notre famille grandira d'un cœur et de deux pieds. Notre bébé miracle sera ajouté à notre famille et nous ne pouvons pas attendre pour qu'elle arrive.

Nous apprécions jusqu’à présent l’amour et le soutien de notre famille et de nos amis et nous sommes ravis d’atteindre ces moments clés de notre vie. "

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