Weekly Baby Bump Photos

I tried my best to keep up with taking weekly baby bump photos. It was always something that I wanted to track when I previously thought about being pregnant but the reality of life takes over and you soon realize how easily you forget one week. It will definitely be something that I track more diligently should I have another opportunity. For now, I'm cherishing the photos that I do have and take stock of my body changes.

As a plus size mom-to-be, one that was surprised so late in the pregnancy no less, the sudden changes to my body was harder to absorb and even harder still to convey. What I felt and what showed in my mind, didn't always line up because of my size. I often got comments like 'you don't even look pregnant' or ' you can't even tell you have a baby bump' and while I fully know the sentiment was in good taste, it confused me sometimes. Do you always think I look this round? Does my normal self look pregnant all the time? I know I'm not a small woman but dang, how do you see me on a regular basis?

I've understood with time that one element that isn't well conveyed in these photos, likely due to the different outfits/angles/lighting each time is the shape of the belly itself and how it feels to the touch. Writing this now at the tail end of my pregnancy, I am VERY round and my stomach is VERY firm - a stark difference from the first photo taken where things were softer (which I was reluctant to post but...whatever, its my pregnant body and this is what this post is all about, no sense in hiding it). Having those beginning week photos would likely emphasize the growth much more but alas, that was not an opportunity that I had.

These photos were never previously shared and it's the first opportunity for me to see them all compiled and review my pregnancy progress. I'm glad I was able to capture what I could with the limited weeks that I've had to enjoy.