Babymoon & Honeymoon: Part 1 – Collingwood

The idea of a babymoon was first brought up by my mother shortly after we announced our pregnancy. She strongly but lovingly suggested that we put this on our radar to take time off together and get away. The idea was that there would never be a time in our life again where it would be just the two of us. Having this child meant that our lives would always be a shared focus. So before we turned into a trio, it was important to set time aside to reconnect as a couple, a quickly married couple no less. It was also obvious from my constant crying and worried demeanour that I was in desperate need of this, whether I wanted to admit to it or not.

David and I were exceptionally blessed to take some time off after the wedding to get away from our stressful surroundings and escape the planning and worries that hadn't stopped since the moment we found out about the baby. Initially we had thrown out ideas of flying away or taking a road trip but my nervousness for the distance quickly striked those options out. I wasn't up for dealing with the risk of an international baby or a long drive back to the comforts of home. That meant that our search narrowed down to 1 - 2 hours from Toronto at the most. We looked into resorts, airbnbs, close by cities to explore or even a staycation in the downtown core. But alas, we had visited scenic places like Tobermory the year prior, I was not in the mood for a camping trip and David was reluctant to stay in the city should my body not cooperate and we'd be stuck in a hotel instead of walking the streets of downtown.

Upon reaching out to some family and friends, we were met by the generosity of two separate offers. Our wedding was set for the Saturday, May 18th so the earliest we could head out was on the Sunday. David's friend, Paul was able to secure us some time at their cottage after the long weekend (from the 20th to the 25th). My Godparents had a timeshare in the Collingwood area that they offered to us so we had a place to stay for the 19th until the 20th. They offered us a longer stay if we wished but we had already agreed to go up to the cottage so the one night was sufficient. We treated it like a pre-vacation, a one day wind down to get us in the mood for the rest of the week.

**An incredibly HUGE thank you to both sets of people for providing us with a free stay to unwind. We cannot express how much we needed that time to disconnect with the world and connect with one another before coming back to tackle it all over again. Had it not been for these generous offers (and the offer from my parents to help pay for a stay elsewhere if needed), we honestly couldn't have afforded ourselves this luxury.

COLLINGWOOD - Living Water Resort & Spa

Without rushing ourselves too much, we packed our bags first thing the next morning after the wedding and headed out for our little road trip to our first destination. For some reason, I hadn't clued in on where this resort was actually located until we were almost there. I remarked to David, 'Hey, these restaurants look familiar, we've been here before.' He then pointed out directly in front of us down the road was Blue Mountain and it hit me that we had been here for a winter vacation just two years ago. There was a bit of a mix up when we initially arrived regarding our reservation since it was booked for the day before. They considered us a no-show and cancelled the reservation. Luckily my cousin was on hand to help us and they quickly remedied the situation. We took a few of our belongings and entered the suite.


The room/suite was large, clean and bright thanks to the numerous windows around. Upon the first few hours of our arrival, the weather shifted several times - from beautiful sun and even a rainbow to torrential downpour that made it appear like the rain was practically going sideways from the force of the wind. It was a shame we weren't staying longer as the place was fully stocked and very comfortable. The views from the bedroom of the marina were lovely and because we were on the far end of the resort, there wasn't any noise or disturbance around. We didn't have time to explore much of the amenities of the resort besides a quick pass-by but it included a gym, a workout studio, and arcade, pool, spa and restaurant (which I will feature in a separate post). There was a rooftop deck that we visited very briefly as it was soaked from the rain and attracted lots of nats. But the view was beautiful up there as you could look out to the mountains in the distance.

We scheduled an early dinner due to the lack of availability but headed out to the grocery store so that we would have one less chore the following day when we switched venues. We picked up food, a bit of booze (for David only of course) and some fireworks to set off at the cottage. After dinner that evening, we took advantage of the hot tub and both took a bath to relax and unwind, a treat for us since we don't have that option back home. The sun set in the background while we watched cable before getting some much needed rest.