Babymoon & Honeymoon: Part 2 – Kennisis Lake

We woke up relatively early the next day after a restful sleep, grabbed our few bags and began our journey over to the cottage. It was a beautiful morning now that the poor weather had passed over. Ahead of us was a 2.5 hour drive and we wanted to make good time to meet David's friend's parents so that they could show us a few things around the cottage. Our aim was to arrive at noon with a short stop for lunch along the way.


Midway through our drive, we were notified that the cottage wasn't ready and was kindly asked if we could push our arrival further back. The message came just in time for us to decide to stop for lunch and do a little more grocery shopping so that we wouldn't have to leave later in the week to restock. The Thai restaurant that we sought out first was closed so we opted for a local diner in Minden, and conveniently there was a grocery store right beside it.

Service was incredibly slow as I had anticipated from the reviews I read. The dining room was short staffed with only two ladies manning the entire front of house but we had all the time to kill so we made the best of it. The decor was cute and the place was packed so it showed signs that the food might at least be good. Afterwards, we had dessert at the DQ and digested. Once we got the go-ahead, we bought a few groceries and headed up to the cottage. I fell asleep along the way and I'm always grateful for David's driving to give me peace to rest. I woke up just in time to pull up to the driveway of the cottage.