Babymoon & Honeymoon: Part 3 – Cottage Life

Cottage Details - Website:

Location: Haliburton Area, ON

3 Bedrooms, Sleeps up to 10 (8 comfortably) with beautiful views of the water


The cottage is beautiful and is exactly as pictured on their website. As soon as we arrived, Paul's parents greeted us with open arms and made us feel incredibly welcomed. They showed up all the features of the home and left us a few notes to help make our stay as enjoyable as possible. I took plenty of photos to make sure that we returned their cottage in the exact same state that they left it to us. They were eager to hit the road to get back to the city so our time to catch up was limited but there was enough time to share our initial thanks.


About 50% of our time spent there was blessed with sun. We had hoped for a little more good weather based on the reports before we arrived but things changed quickly. Nevertheless, we found relaxation in lounging around, watching movies or cable, I did a bit of writing on this blog, some card/board games and a little bit of self care/spa time. The bed was very comfortable coupled with the cool air and dark surroundings, we found some truly restful sleep during our stay. Since it was still mid-May with limited sun, we made use of their indoor fireplace to keep us snuggly and warm. We even had ourselves a small fireworks display on the dock which was funny despite being a bit anticlimatic.


We cooked entirely for ourselves while we stayed at the cottage, surviving on all our groceries which worked out pretty perfectly. There were other snacks included and our hosts were generous in offering anything in the cabinets that we could find (more chips, ice cream and condiment galore!). David in particular thoroughly enjoyed being able to grill on the BBQ and he did a wonderful job of making several meals that way. We took precaution for some of the bad weather days and had some meal ideas ready for indoors. All in all, we were very well fed and indulged often.



We ventured briefly to a local souvenir shop that David had spotted along the way to the cottage and is also featured on the cottage's website. Make no mistake, there isn't much to see or in the area but this little detour gave us a quick getaway from the indoors. The shop cannot be missed with all the colourful muskoka chairs lined up outside plus the giant chair righ out front beside their sign. Inside we perused through the vast collection of potential gifts. We bought a little bear souvenir for both ourselves and our hosts to commemorate our honeymoon time.