Canada Day Long Weekend Getaway – Greig’s Caves (Tobermory, Ontario)

Canada day and Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations were a big deal for 2017. All throughout the year and through the country, promotions and celebrations were in full swing. With the celebratory weekend in July approaching, it felt a little anti-climatic to do nothing at home for the long weekend. While we didn’t partake in any fireworks displays, we decided the best way to celebrate would be to do a little more exploration in our own backyard a.k.a. Ontario. With plenty of blogs and articles promoting the clear waters found in Tobermory, it seemed like a first choice summer getaway. Booked rather quickly, we were fortunate to find an Airbnb/Bed & Breakfast that had a last-minute cancellation and could accommodate our one night only request. We didn’t have any future travel plans for the rest of the year and I had just finished training at my new job so the timing allowed for a perfect mid-year break to get away from it all.

Our first stop was Greig’s Caves, which I had heard about through a BlogTO article. I was definitely glad to bring my running shoes as this had some big rocks and elevation changes that required some extra effort. This was made worse by the recent rainfall earlier the day which made some of the rocks a little slick. But despite the minor danger factor, the forest and trail was beautiful. Extremely lush surroundings and large caves to explore made the walk through the trail pass really quickly. There was also an upper section where you could look out on the beautiful shoreline. It was a one way path so everyone you came across was headed in the same direction as you. And while there were plenty of visitors steadily coming through, there were many moments where you found yourself alone in one section of the trail and could enjoy the scenery in peace.


Greig’s Caves
407 Scenic Caves Rd, Lion’s Head, ON N0H 1W0
Free Parking – $10 Adult admission
Proper footwear is essential