Baby Announcement to our families: Letter to Baby

Our darling baby,

Yesterday afternoon your father and I laid in bed and shared a precious moment of excitement as we opened up the envelope our doctor had given us to share your gender. We were thrilled that you had grown into a little girl! Daddy immediately named you...he and been waiting to give you that name long before we were certain we'd have children. It was your first gift from him.

We then spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out just how to share the news with others. As you are the first grandbaby for our direct families, we wanted to do our best to make the moment special for them as it would be once in a lifetime. Because you would be coming so soon, we couldn't delay the news any longer for the ones we loved the most. We bought cards, frames and photocopied your first picture to share with them. Just as you became real to us the moment we saw, we figured that your picture would tell them all they needed to know.

Today we shared your creation story with your extended family. We set out to share the struggles and timeline that we had experienced earlier this week. We left the house taking a deep breath as we faced the uncertainty of the day ahead. It was one thing when you were just our little secret as we had only just come to terms with the changes, it would mean so much more to finally let them know who you'd be.

It was hard at first to make small talk and watch our families go about their conversations knowing all the while that we would be changing all of our lives with only a few short sentences. Just as you had shocked us, we knew that we would be spreading that to them as well. Their reactions warmed our hearts and encouraged us in spite of our concerns. We were so worried that their shock would overshadow the joy we knew they would also certainly have. Instead we were met with so much love, excitement and tears of happiness. We left each family feeling lighter and extremely loved.

We went to see mommy's family first to have dim sum for breakfast (a favourite of mine and hopefully yours someday too). As we chatted about travel plans and events later this year, your dad and I squeezed each other's hands in acknowledgement of you, and how much these well laid plans would change once we shared the news. I felt you move and kick and make a fuss in my belly, trying to say hi before we were ready. We were surrounded by families with little babies or toddlers of their own and saw a glimpse into our future, imagining a someday when you'd get to experience this with us.

We went back home and to have dessert and chat but we could hardly wait any longer to tell them. So as they sat down with their cards, they read a few words that changed it all. So many tears shed by us all with happiness filling the room. Your grandparents shared stories on their humble beginnings and reassured us that anything was possible. Your grandmother shared her own stories of raising a family and her feelings on having a child. We bonded on stories of the past to help reassure us about the future. They pledged their support and love to help us raise you and your dad and I felt so much peace.

But just as we got comfortable in the openness of our conversation with them, we quickly remembered that you were not yet revealed to all. So off we went to visit dad's family to start it all over again. As normal conversations began about health and renovations, we decided to sneak in your story a bit earlier as we knew there would be lots they'd want to talk about. So as we handed them another card and another picture of you, we were met with another wave of joy and excitement. More tears of happiness, more loving embraces to welcome the good news.

Over dinner, they shared more stories of memories from their past time in Québec, parenting/pregnancy experiences of other friends and families and asked many natural questions in amazement of your quick due date. We even had a few moments with your great grandmother to share the news with her as well and she was as sweet as ever, overjoyed at the chance to be part of your story. We hope that you will get to meet her soon.

As the emotional highs wore off, the energy of the night took its toll on you and I and so our little family went home to get some rest. Back home your dad and I had a serious heart to heart now that we knew all the families were ready to fully embrace you as our new little family member. We stay up late to talk about you, about us, about our relationship, about our life and how to make things better for us all. Your father is always great at hearing me out and doing what is best to make me happy. I love him so much for that.

You represent a new start, a life full of possibilities. I'm emotionally overwhelmed at the prospect of all your future milestones. I see your life in a flash and am in awe of the opportunities life will give you. We are so grateful that you are now part of all of our lives.