Indonesia, Bali – Nusa Dua: Inaya Putri – Arrival, Room & Amenities

It was still early in our sister travels but having already spent a busy holiday month with family, we were already starting to feel a bit burnt out. Such are the perils for those who live the fabulous life… I had seen a few posts from honeymooners on their luxury stays in Bali. Upon a little research, we discovered that this might be one of the few chances we’d have to afford such high end luxury. With the rest of the trip poised to be easy on the wallet, I pushed us to book a 5 star hotel stay to begin our journey. Admittedly, I should have researched a little more to scope the full options. But everything I had read sounded great so I went with my instincts.

Inaya Putri is located in the Nusa Dua region of Bali. Similar high-end resorts/hotels line the shoreline in the area. As the taxi drove us in, the environment and scenery took a very distinct turn. It was much more polished with an added sense of safety and exclusivity, with multiple gates and guards to cross before arriving at our hotel. Talk about being whisked to the high life. The main entrance is a very open and tall building. Further research revealed that this was “a traditional Balinese rice barn lobby. Locally renown as ‘Jineng’, this Bali’s signature type of building is a type of barn used for the storage and drying of harvested rice, while the lower level is utilized as a gathering venue.” It was very quiet with only one other family awaiting to check in. We were told that our room was still being prepared (We arrived in Bali super early that morning) so we were offered a drink and to lounge in their lobby. Despite being very open, it was cool and refreshing under the dome. With the sounds of the sprinkling rain, we relished in the free internet (always a plus after spending time in the Philippines) and eagerly anticipated being able to unwind.

It should be noted from the moment we arrived, we were no longer required to carry anything for ourselves other than what we wanted. There were several people awaiting all around to assist with your luggage and general orientation as you went through the check in process. When we were finally called, we were asked to board a golf cart, our luggage loaded and were given a short drive down a few ramps to our building. We were fortunate that our building wasn’t too far from the main amenities, so it was a mere short walk to anything we wanted to do. The hotel room was spacious, clean and quiet. I must have only quickly glanced over the photos when I booked because the size of the room caught me by surprise. There was a mini fridge with much-needed water and a soaking tub feature. The room had plenty of natural elements but remained modern and streamlined. There was definitely an emphasis for clean lines. The bed was comfortable and there was more than enough space to lounge.

The view from the room faced the main building. There was a small balcony but we never made use of it. The greenery around was lush and the sun was incredibly hot. Downstairs, these rooms had private pools outside their doors. We did not opt for this luxury which worked out because while there weren’t too many other guests, it wasn’t as private as I would have wanted to feel comfortable. The short walk to the main infinity pools was more than enough.

Beyond our hotel room, the grounds were expansive and not really limited, particularly once you hit the beach. We didn’t spend much time down there because a) I hate the sand and b) I hate being in salt water. We had also recently visited Boracay in the Philippines and just knew it wouldn’t live up to it. Sprawled everywhere were plenty of places to sit down and relax, and the environment was rather quiet all around. Serenity could certainly be achieved here. At night, everything had a soft glow, as the pool and buildings lit up. We were often found poolside until we got hungry, too hot or reached raisin shrivel level for our skin. We watched t.v, read, enjoyed privacy and comfort that’s more common back home in North America, which was missed in the chaos of life in the Philippines. We were really fortunate to have stayed here for a short while and we often fondly remember how catered to we felt. We never felt harassed or overly doted on or pressured to spend any money during our stay. We were able to escape and keep mostly to ourselves as we refreshed our systems before the more grueling trips ahead.

While not exactly breaking the bank, it is certainly on the pricey side of what most travelers seeks when trekking through Bali. There are equally beautiful hotels, Airbnbs and hostels all around Bali so I would totally recommend finding a place that fits your personality and comfort level. While I won’t find myself staying in a place of equal luxury for a while, I will remember the experience fondly.

Inaya Putri
Kawasan Wisata Nusa Dua Lot S-3, Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363, Indonesia
Stay: Jan 19 – Jan 21 , approx Rp 3M
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