Plant Babies

I do not have a green thumb. This is not a blog post about how to care for plants – I would be the last person to give advice. I’m known for not being able to keep any plant alive. And since venturing on this new plant life, killing two succulents, a snake plant and (almost) an areca palm, its evident that caring for plants is not my forte. Growing up, my grandmother and father seemed to the household caretakers for plants and I took the slowly expanding jungle for granted. I’ve learned that its not as simple as just dumping some water, pushing it towards the window and hoping for the best. I’ve watched my grandmother time and time again, bring plants back to life, talking to them, almost coaxing them back to good health. Nope, this post is not about my skills for caring for them but instead a journal of my attempt to keep some alive over the summer. I am not certain I will be successful but I do want to make a good go of it and see if any of them can grow into something decent.

The Basil plant is my oldest one. We bought it at the grocery store since we figured that buying the plant itself was cheaper than continually buying just the sprigs and letting it go to waste. It’s stayed relatively healthy. The lavender plant, which cannot be consumed, was purchased as a mother’s day gift but we ended up buying a bigger plant to give away so I kept this one for myself. The next one into the home was the succulent which was given through work as part of a wellness activity. Sadly its buddy died but the other has remained strong.

From there I bought a few more rather quickly. I purchased the parsley plant, rosemary, rubber plant, mint and rose bush all within a very short amount of time. I was confident that with my basil success, I could repeat it a few times over. Finally, the last experiment was planting seedlings from scratch which was purchased on a whim while at Winners. The last time I had grown something from the seed was in elementary school with those sprouts or lima bean experiments. Unsure if it would even produce anything, I figured it was worth a shot. Thankfully little seedlings blossomed and the plants made it through the soil. I was overjoyed to see that I could make life happen. The coming months will not be easy I’m sure and I can easily predict that not all of these will make it through the season but I hope that with time, I get a little bit better and learn responsibility and do my part to help add to our ecosystem instead of constantly destroying it.