Richard and Kerri-Ann’s engagement session (Humber River Trail, Etobicoke)

Originally set up as a lifestyle shoot, a mere two days before our planned photoshoot, our dear friends Richard and Kerri-Ann got engaged! We had invited them over to play some games, have dinner and sneak in some photos. We spent the afternoon taking a walk in the crisp winter air down our favourite trail.. There was even some lingering snow despite the unusually warmer weather in previous weeks. This session was a lot of fun, filled with so much laughter; it was hard at times to not break into laughing fits while keeping the camera steady. We even included some ‘unconventional shots’ and several outtakes in their final set of photos because they were too good to pass up (including the very last shot – which pays homage to Richard’s personality). Richard was actually the first friend David had introduced me to and ever since I’ve met Kerri-Ann, I’ve been enamored by her sweet and friendly nature. We couldn’t be more pleased to see these two take the next steps into their future and we deeply appreciate them letting us capture a small glimpse into their light hearted and loving relationship.