Thailand, Chiang Mai: Huen Phen Dinner

Down the street, a short and quiet walk in the evening, we ventured to Huen Phen. I had see the episode from Mark Wiens and recognized the name on the map immediately when it appeared on my phone. It was our first taste of true local Thai food as everything prior had come from more commercial establishments like the mall and the airport. It was also our first taste of true Northern Thai food which is unique all on its own. It was a cozy restaurant filled with patrons, particularly tourists like ourselves. We had a short wait before we were finally given a table tucked nears the side. By now in my travels I had all but forgotten any recommendations that I had read and just opted to go with our instincts.

As I write this now, through research, it should be noted that there is a different menu for lunch and for dinner. We each selected a dish and if memory serves me right they were – pad thai in an omelet, larb gai, some sort of rice dish for myself and a mixed app platter to share and dip. I remember it all being very delicious and a stand out memory for my boyfriend. To be honest, my memories leave me feeling that this space was rather cramped and small but as I review pictures from other reviews, there was much more to this restaurant. If I could go back and visit again, I certainly would. It was a great choice for an impromptu dinner on our first night in Chiang Mai.

Huen Phen
Address: 112 Thanon Ratchamanka Phra Sing, Chiang Mai
Open hours: 8:30 am – 4 pm and 5 pm – 10 pm daily
Phone: 053-814548
Prices: About 40 – 50 THB per dish