Indonesia, Bali – Ubud: Narendra Guest House – Room & Amenities

The luxuries found during our stay in Nusa Dua was hard to say goodbye to. But we knew there was more to see in Bali than infinity pools and manicured lawns. So off we went to another part of Bali – Ubud, where we knew a deeper dive into the culture awaited us. Another quick hotel search landed us with the selection of Narenda Guest House. The privacy found in a traditional hotel but the close community feel of a hostel/home stay were mixed perfectly in this accommodation. It was an almost two hour drive from our previous hotel to this new location. Our taxi driver dropped us off right in front of the steps and we were greeted by the family owners. After a quick check in process, they showed us to our room (which was exactly as advertised) and we settled in once more.

The room was extremely clean, beautifully decorated, had modern elements but still incorporated cultural influences. It was to be our safe haven for the next few days. The grounds were supremely lush (a theme we noted for most of Bali) with pockets of whimsy, culture and family hidden throughout the grounds. Admittedly, we didn’t spend too much time exploring within as we mainly sought refuge in the air conditioning, but also because we wanted to remain respectful to the fact that this was a family’s home first and foremost. No one needs nosy foreigners to shock you as you turn the corner. We had already set up a tour for later on in our trip but the guest house provided options if needed. We mostly wanted to check out the local scene and go wherever our feet could take us.

One of the nicer features of the stay was the beautiful breakfast laid out for you each morning on the front porch. While nothing too complex, it was comforting to see a lovingly made breakfast set out for you.We tried their omelet, banana pancake and fried egg. They brought along coffee or tea and some deliciously ripe fruit which was very refreshing. We honestly looked forward to this each morning and pushed ourselves to wake up at a decent hour to enjoy this before it spoiled. My only one complaint of the whole experience was how far I felt it was located from the main road. With the unpredictable weather that flipped between heavy rain to blazing sunlight, it made the walk down the road a bit of a drag at times. That said, nothing unbearable and from their continued high reviews, it seems like it wasn’t too much of a deterrent after all.

Narendra Guest House

Stay: Jan 21 – Jan 23, approx Rp 700,000
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